About Us


Once upon a time there was a little girl...
Everything started with a dream of a girl, in the fairytale, where everything possible.
what was left to Merry, make the dream true.

My Baby By Merry!

First dress was magical for Merry's daughter. It was made of light as fabric, Stiches as love.
When she wore the dress everyone was under the spell of this dress.
Since first dress, Merry is crafting every her dresses with that light and same love.

Girls and boys, who wore Merry's dresses are in awe.
Parents eyes are full of love .
Since day one, Merry keep receiving compliments for her dresses.

Our team is now more then 50 people, making one of a kind art piece for the most precious ones.
We are keep inspiring parents everywhere in the world.

We are creating a true masterpiece on each dress by aiming excellent quality, elegant style and unique design.
Your beautiful princess in her eye catching dress will be the true star of the ball!